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Today is my 3rd year work anniversary. Who would have thought I would make it to today?

I’m not going to lie, my first year at the company wasn’t easy. I have to endure driving for almost 3 hours of traffic from Bulacan to Mckinley, I was constantly late, I’ve been suspended for being late! I could have just packed up and leave because spending 5 hours a day to travel back and forth is not sustainable—effort and expenses wise.

A year later, I made a decision to move out of my parents’ house and rent a place near the office so I won’t have to worry about travel time, ever again.

I live in an empty apartment with nothing but a bed on the floor and a dark curtain I use to make my room as dark as my soul. I spent sick days in my apartment, rolling in bed praying it will just go away because driving yourself to the Emergency Room alone sucks. Not calling your parents because they tend to overreact to things.  

It was all a choice I made because I am happy here.

This is the longest I’ve ever been with a company and the day I set foot here, I knew that I am done with being a nomad.

I would not have made it here if not for the great people I made friends with, the opportunities I was given, the struggles that taught me important lessons, and the challenges that made me stronger.

I’d like to thank a few people who played monumental roles in my life at TR, or even outside work:


TM Arce 

I will be forever grateful to her for giving me a chance to be part of this great company and work family. I will never forget the day that she interviewed me, the kid who’s technical knowledge is average, but for some reason she still chose to hire me.

She has always been supportive of the things I want to do and achieve. She taught me things that are not written in the books. Most importantly, she always share what she knows and how to do it. She is what all managers should aspire to be.

13720458_10205100892396916_899911329_o Gary

He is one of my mentors and definitely made working days fun and something to look forward to. He has taught me a valuable lesson of the two approach how to deal with things, use your head and your heart. But most of the time, all you need is a heart. “PUSO LANG. PUSO!” *fist close and chest drum*

He may have left for Canada but he is still with me every step of the way. One facetime away.


Maam Rhea

She was my assigned mentor to help me get through and learn the in and outs of our work. We were partners in everything, seatmates, turned house mates, which is why I don’t understand why I have to recycle a photo for this. LOL. 

She left me to be part of the Business Intelligence team and I am happy for her but a part of me is sad that she will no longer be there. Why? The 7th floor is not as close as you think it is, I can’t just lock my computer and go upstairs and chill or ask for a resbak for something.  Can you imagine the depression I have to go through when she, Gary and Gino left the team? CAN YOU?????



He is a hard nut to crack and everyone feels kinda distant with this guy, but not this girl. Gino has always been my daily dose of reality. He will say things with no filters. He will always challenge me and my ideas, which made me think on my feet. If Gary was my emotional support, Gino is the logic tank.

More than a Job, Thomson Reuters have given me a career in which I want to strive for.

It has been a hell of a ride for these three amazing years. It’s been fun and great and fulfilling. Here’s to more years, and hopefully I get to write a more decent entry on my 5th year.

Funny how time flies so fast.



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