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Life Lately

Life Lately

On to the next episode

I was listening to Dr. Dre earlier today when suddenly it hit me.

Random ramblings that doesn’t make sense. That’s what I’ve become. Haha.

Oh, funny.

Life Lately

your reflection in my frames

There are no more tracks on how many loops around the world I’ve done at this time to act as if I was a traveler from another dimension, brought to lift shoulders and steal pain from palms that chose not their fate.

As someone who feels deeply, outside of this epiphany – on the writings – dedicated to souls on their backs and stuck expressions with tall tales, I can’t help the want to grasp their face and achingly ask why.

It is something I can’t figure out myself, but I can see the hope in some of their eyes that it will be seen. That person isn’t me, you know – to save them. Although I will help along the way.

The secret is this… Eyes that focus with love and desire, can save just about anything, maybe even anyone.

Even if you are looking in mirrors.

From a winter kiss.

Life Lately

Post for the lost

It’s been awhile Tumblr.

The only time I would write here is when 1, my website is down and 2, i’m not in a good place in my life and I am both right now. (Edit: now my website is back-up!)

I’m single. It seems forever ago since I last uttered those words. After 7 years, I am single again.

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Life Lately

Glass Ball

I am one lately.

And like a glass ball, I shattered the moment I hit the ground.

Shards everywhere.

I feel brittle. I will break every time someone or something comes to close. I break at the slightest nudge. I tremble—shake like a leaf.

I need to go back into being a rubber ball. Bounce up, little one!

Until then… Try not to pick up or sweep the broken pieces.

It’s a misery waiting to happen.