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Re-discovering Baguio

We go to Baguio almost every year, and every year there is always something new that adds up to our list of reasons why we should go back!

Here are the new reasons that made it to the list:

1. The Tasting Room at Baguio Craft Brewery

This was the first on my agenda for this trip! I’ve read so many good reviews about this place that I just had to cancel our Nagsasa trip for this. It’s a room that house different kinds of locally crafted beer, as a drinker, this place is heaven!

Forget everything you know about beers because this place will blow your mind! They have so many kinds of beer to offer that they will give you free samples to help you decide what to get!

The owner, Chris Ordas, is really nice too and we exchanged a few messages over instagram about our beer-ience!




2. Cafe by the Ruins Dua

At first, I thought the taxi driver was going in circles to make our meter fare higher, but I was surprised that he took us to this new branch at upper session road which was a lot cozier than the one at Shuntug Road.

The interior is nice and it gives you a warmth feeling. I’m just so sad that they dropped Focaccia (I rarely eat bread!) off their menu. I was really hoping I could eat my heart out with their freshly baked Focaccia with kesong puti.

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3. Amare La Cucina

If you are a fan of pizza, then you know that nothing beats a wood fire brick oven baked pizza! You must never leave Baguio without trying Amare’s pizza!!!

The pizza sauce had the right amount spices that it goes well with their hand tossed soft pizza crust. The crust also has the right thickness and chewiness it can send you to the moon and back after one bite. Their oven is so hot that your pizza will be ready in just 2-4 minutes!

We ordered a Hawaiian pizza with extra bacon toppings because I truly believed that if you want to measure how truly awesome a restaurant is you should order a basic food and if they can make it taste extraordinary then it is god damn worth the hype and my money!


4. Sizzling Pig Snouts (nguso) at Pet’s Bulalohan

Pet’s is a small carinderia near the Bus station at the back of SM Baguio.

When the taxi driver asked where we are going and I asked him to take us to Pet’s, he blurted how good the food was there and that he always dine there too!

There’s a rule for hole in the wall eats, if the taxi/jeepney drivers patronizes it, that means it is that good! There were a lot of people lining up when we got there and the carinderia only had like 4 or 5 tables.

For only P80 you can enjoy a yummy sizzling nguso (too bad they don’t serve beer!) and their Pork Sinigang, also P80, was really good too!!! The pork was really soft and the sabaw was really hot and really tasty!

We had to come back the next day because we could not get enough of it!


5. Crispy Pork Sisig at Rancho Norte in Ketchup Food Community

I read somewhere on the internet that this is the best Pork Sisig in Baguio City, so off I go!

It was crispy, chunky, and really yummy! The service was fast too. We got a table, gave our order and after 5 mins or so I had a sizzling plate in front of myself. If only they had real chili than chili powders to go with my toyo and calamansi, it would have been perfect! I wanted to order an extra rice, but I am still full from eating the pesto pasta that I had prior.



We would always go back and we know we would always find something new to munch on!

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