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Culebra Island: a paradise waiting to be discovered

Culebra Island is a place I have never heard before until I was invited to that trip.

Our trip started on the wrong foot as we did not meet our ETD, followed by a Saturday EDSA traffic.

Luck was not our side that day as unfortunate things happened one after the other. We had to pass through NLEX and SCTEX to get to our destination and I think everyone was asleep during the travel, but not long after we entered SCTEX we were woken up by the van vibrating badly/violently and found out that we had a tire (rear left) blowout!

Our driver pulled over to the side to change the tires and we decided to get off and stretch our legs while the others took a yosi break. This is the ice breaker of this trip. This was the start of the fun.

We were already travelling approximately 3 hours and we are not even a quarter near our destination. Great, just great. The van’s aircon fan is blowing hot air, which made me uneasy. Honestly, I can feel my soul leaving my body every time I would feel that I am going to pass out.

We exchanged jokes and silly comments about our misfortune to kill boredom and keep it light.

We reached Dasol at 5 pm just before sunset. We’ve been in the van for a total of 9 hours. 9 HOURS!!! Allow me to insert the inside joke we came up with while still in then van “How was your weekend?” “It was great! We spent it inside the van!”

Anyhoo, a small fisherman boat took us to the island. It was a short boat ride and it’s pre-dusk when we reached Culebra.

While on our way, I keep on saying how beautiful and how clear the water is! It was a paradise waiting to be discovered! And hell yeah, it is!

We dropped our bags, changed clothes and headed right away to the beach! I did not endure 9 hours of sitting for nothing. I MUST MAKE THE MOST OUT OF THIS!

We had grilled stuffed squid, grilled fish, and enseladang mangga for dinner which is rad!

I fell more in love with this tiny paradise come sunrise. I saw how the water is so crystal clear and how the rock formation adds more adventuristic vibe to the place.

I spent every minute swimming, walking, climbing on rocks, pretending to be Ariel of Little Mermaid on the rock while waiting for the waves to make a splash.

I met new people with different stories and life to share. It is always a joy to meet new people outside work. It is a whole different world.

I was so occupied being in the moment that taking pictures weren’t my priority.

We dubbed this trip as “life changing” because aside from the great set of people I’m with, the misfortunes we had is nothing compared what Culebra gave us—a piece of paradise.

It was a great start to officially open summer!

Here’s a short video of our trip:

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