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Boracay return in 2015

Everyone has heard of Boracay and in the past few years (maybe decade), this small island has reached global recognition because of its dreamy postcard perfect white beach.

I was only 9 when I first set foot on this island. We got there via Super Ferry because plane ride was very expensive back then. Boracay doesn’t have much to offer back then other than its beautiful beach and Puka Beach’s sign was written on a rice sack with two drift woods holding it.

The second time I was here was when I was 18, I just got back from Australia and only to find out that my then boyfriend were cheating on me. I booked a ticket that afternoon and flew to Boracay and a day later a storm came and I spent the rest of the week crying my broken heart and sorry ass at the seashore while there was a heavy downpour ~drama~

This is the 3rd time. Prior to this trip I always see my friends post and rave about Boracay and I’m just nonchalant about it. Sure the beach is beautiful, the party scene is hopping, so many people shamelessly parading in their tiniest bikini ever known to man, but I still didn’t get what is it with Boracay that they always come back to. Until this trip.

One tip when going to Bora: Leave all your restrictions in manila or in the airport where it belongs.

Boracay is a place for testing your self limit. How much alcohol can you drink in one seating? How much money are you willing to blow? Who you are willing to blow? (don’t be shocked, we all know this happens!) How far are you willing to walk to grab a bottle of that crazy delicious fruit shake at Station 1?

Boracay is a place for self discovery. Scared of heights? Try Zipline and parasailing! Scared of going beyond waist deep water? Try underwater helmet diving or riding jet ski. You will be surprised that you can do these things and you will be glad that you did. You’ll discover the courage and confidence you thought you never have.

Boracay is the place for self realization. The place is packed of carefree people and their carefree spirit is catchy. You will then realize how beautiful life is. You will look back at all the things you’ve been through and you just want to give yourself a pat in the back and say YOU GO GIRL/BOY! THANKS FOR BEING STRONG! KEEP IT TOGETHER!

The place is so hypnotizing that it puts visitors into a trance. At one point, while we were walking down the shore, I already convinced myself that I can live there, I can learn how to braid hairs or be an assistant for the day to take the tourist photo and make a living and just leave everything behind and just stay here forever.

I thought about my college buddy who is into poi and fire dancing – if only she was still in the country and we went to Bora together this will be a done deal. She will be a fire dancer and I will be God knows who I will be.

It was madness. I had to stop walking, breathe in and out, and feel the hands of the person next to me to remind myself why I was there.

While I was sipping my last glass of Frozen Margarita, watch the fire burn to its brightest, the music beat to its loudest, and let the air play with my hair was where I realized that what they say about Boracay is true…

What happens in Bora, stays in Bora.

But what they didn’t tell you is that when you come back, whatever it is that happened to you in Bora, whatever it is that you left there (may it be your heart, soul, new self) is patiently waiting for you to come back, and once you set foot on the island again, it welcomes you with open arms.

That’s why most people are so in love with this place. Not even a thousand pictures can capture where it hit you the most.

Like us, you will probably look forward to your next trip back to this Island.

You are fucked forever my friend. Borafucked.

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