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the lone wolf awakens

A few years ago, I told my mentor about me being a sheep in the corporate world. Tame and a follower of the flock and the shepherd. Wherever the flock goes, I go. Whatever the flock does, I do. If the shepherd asked me to jump, I will jump without doubts and questions. The sheep entrusts its whole life for the flock and the shepherd.

There are Lions (alpha—being king of the jungle), Tigers (predators, teritorial and hunter) and Weasels (cannot be trusted) in the corporate world. Sheep as prey species should be careful.

I wasn’t always a sheep. It is not even my default personality, but because I am fairly new (then) to the corporate world, I chose to be a sheep.

I’ve come face to face with a situation where people think just because there are sheep or there are those who chose to be a sheep, they think they can regard the sheep as timid, weak or one who is easily swayed or led. Or that sheep do not know how to fight back, say no, and cry foul when harmed, or a livestock that is only as good as the commodities they produce.

The shepherd always tries to persuade the sheep that their interest and his own are the same.

The Lion and the tiger being on top of the food chain in the wild preys on the sheep or any weaklings.

Weasels deceive and sell out the sheep to predators of all kinds.

I explained this ever so passionately to my Mom. I told her how badly I wanted to be a Lion, so that a single roar can send shivers down to any animal’s spine. So no one would ever look down on me (again).

My mother looked at me and wiped my tears and told me:

“You are not a Lion. You never were. You’re a wolf. A lone wolf.”

I was still for a moment or two. It sent me back to the conversation I had with Wilson a couple of weeks ago, when he told me “…sana kasi yung ugali mo sakin, ganun din yung ugali mo sa kanila.” I shook my head in disbelief of this realization. Who knows me better than these two?

“I am not a sheep! I don’t want to be a sheep anymore.” I told myself.

Don’t get me wrong though, I am not and do not want to be a wolf in a sheep’s clothing, but rather just a lone wolf who prefers solitude. The lone wolf who only attacks when provoked. The lone wolf who is capable on its own. The lone wolf who is a nonconformist. 

I read somewhere that the price of being a sheep is boredom. While the price of being a wolf is loneliness. Choose one or the other with great care. So what is it going to be?

I chose to be a Wolf in a world full of Lion.

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