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It’s been awhile Tumblr.

The only time I would write here is when 1, my website is down and 2, i’m not in a good place in my life and I am both right now. (Edit: now my website is back-up!)

I’m single. It seems forever ago since I last uttered those words. After 7 years, I am single again.

Normally I would have all the right words to describe how or why it happened and for the first time, I don’t. I could only tell you how it makes me feel.

It feels like my head is in suspended animation. How could I not be? 7 years is a long time. It was an amicable break up to be fair.

My brain is in an overdrive, maybe that’s the reason why I do not think about him, or our break-up. But when the night falls, before I sleep, that’s when it all surges up to me. I have stories of how my day went but I have no one to tell it to. A perk of being in a relationship that I miss is having a human sound board.

Work is crazy as usual. The bad kind not the fun crazy kind. I’m frustrated about a few things, to a few people. I take my work and career seriously that’s why I may come off too strong. You can always count on me to say the things that others can only wish to say. I specialize on things that people normally doesn’t like to do. I get things done. I’m that person at work. And which is probably why they see me as the royal bitch that I am.

I was in a virtual meeting and giving my two cents about something when I noticed two of them smirking. I don’t usually care when people smirk at me but that got through me. I wanted to break their spirit with my wit, brilliance and feisty words but I held back. I stayed radio silent after that. With a small voice in my head telling me “This is so beneath you. You don’t belong here!”

Today is the day that I felt tired about my work. I have no more fight in me. I have nothing else to give.

All I wanted is to go home to my parents house because that is my safety zone.

But even things at home are not great.

My Dad was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis a few months ago. The doctor told him that he cannot consume alcohol anymore and should stop drinking otherwise his death will come soon.

And he was doing well until he decided to stop taking his meds. Claiming that it is making him feel more weak and sick than it is helping. And I agree, my Dad on medication doesn’t look and feel like my Dad. He was just always lying down, asleep and not talkative. You can see how frail he was.

Maybe stopping the meds was a good idea. He was his normal self again. He is cheerful, strong and his skin color is more livelier.

But he also went back to drinking. I cried when my mom told me. I’m so devastated because how can he be so stubborn and selfish? How can he not give up something when it meant longer life for him? When it meant more time for him to be around and take care of me and see me thrive and fail miserably in life and try again?

My Dad means everything to me. My parents are my strong foothold in this world. How can he do this to us?

But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at all. I got it from him. I am stubborn and selfish because just like him.

I have gone 6 months without drinking coke and I have spiraled back to it. Stress and frustration is coming left to right. Some how, the fizziness of the soda brings me momentary happiness.

All this happening simultaneously and it feels like the air is getting thinner and thinner. I am choking. I can’t breathe.

I am on my own. I have to be strong for myself and weather this alone.

I think my winter has come. And I have to brace myself for the worst.

Ahhh!!! Help me God.

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