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Out with the old and in with the new

Last weekend I finally bid goodbye to my old computer and had sent it to oblivion (charot!) where it now belongs.

I was going to write about sepanx and feels about it but to my surprise I can no longer open my tumblr account and I panicked because there is no way to reset the password because the hotmail email address I registered it with is long gone. I should have updated the email address, I know. What’s done is done. It’s gone.

My iMac holds 8 years worth of memories – photos, music, videos and write ups that I never had the chance to post, was too uneasy to post (because a lot of word vomit and sometimes highly obscene), and mostly for my own reading pleasure. Which goes the same for my account.

I realized that maybe this is the universe telling me that I should stop (for real this time) living in the past (which reminds me that I have to uninstall timehop on my phone), and take a step forward and continue living like I should have.

Will I be actively posting more stuff here? Maybe. Maybe not.

IMHO, I just found an opportunity and an excuse to buy a domain name and self-host because how cool is it to have your own website. Lol.

I won’t say “the new and improved” Jae’s blog because you can’t improve something that is still new. So don’t believe the ads that say shit like that because that is a lie. Advertising is a lie. Capitalism is a lie. EVERYTHING IS A LIE. Hahaha.

This is a restart. So let me press the button and start. Here goes…

Hi, I’m Jae. I’m the newest resident of the blogosphere. Nice to meet you.


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