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As soon as I arrived home, I immediately went inside my parents room and jumped my Dad. He is in the middle of snoring before I climbed the bed and hugged him shouting “happy father’s day!!!” at the top of lungs using the bottle of Jack Daniels as my microphone. My Dad told me to shut the fuck up because it was 1:45 am and shouldn’t be waking him up.“But I brought alcohol” I said. His eyes popped and gave me the biggest smile. No, my Dad is not an alcoholic. He is just a very simple guy who wants very simple things in life – alcohol.

I’ve shared a lot of stories about my Dad through my facebook posts and my friends had already became followers of his antics. They are always excited whenever I come home to Bulacan for the weekend because more often than not I have new hilarious stories to share with them about him.

Before he was known as the Dad I posted on facebook, he was a stranger to me. I spent half of my childhood away from him because of work. He only comes home once or twice a month or two. Whenever he’s at home, he is just sleeping all day and my mom will tell me that I am not allowed to go out because Dad is home. As a kid, I did not understand that so I would say something stupid like “why can’t I go out and play? It’s not like he can play with me when the only thing he does is sleep all day” and my mom would smack the shit out of me. I hated it whenever he’s home.

My Dad decided to leave his job so he and mom can start a small business; and because my mom is the think-tank and learned about how to manage a business at a young age from my grand pops, she became in-charge. My Dad was more than happy to be the modern house Dad who runs the household. My mom knows very little about household chores. My Dad still has the final say in everything because he is boss like that.

When young me was out partying all night, I would turn off my phone so that he can’t call and ask what time I will be home or most of the time to order me to come home that instant. I didn’t care that he stayed up all night anxiously waiting to hear from his only daughter who is partying God knows where, with God knows who, doing God knows what. He waited because he wanted to make sure I don’t get locked out by mom who will surely let me sleep on the pavements for missing my curfew.

My Dad gets upset when people start asking him when will I settle down. He almost punched someone in the face for pushing that topic for too long. He pointed a gun (licensed haha) to my ex boyfriend’s face when he was being a cocky piece of shit.

He believes in the best and worst in me. He has a stash of emergency money for bail because he knows how mischievous his only daughter can be and it is only a matter of time.

He gets sad when I bring my car to a car wash service. He likes washing my car. He likes telling me how dirty and negligent I can be with cars. The next time you see my car dirty, please don’t judge me, I am only trying to make my Dad happy. LOL.

He cries whenever he drives me to the airport and when picking me up, even if it was just for a short vacation.

Our Dads let us be an adult, but is too afraid to admit that we are no longer his little girl. Dads don’t want us to grow up.

I’ve done so many things I’m not proud of and I think when God created Dads He made them tough but soft. Tough enough to polish you, and soft enough to catch you when you fall when life played a trick on you.

I read somewhere and let me just echo it out that a Dad is someone who holds you when you cry, scolds you when you break the rules, shines with pride when you succeed, and has faith in you even when you fail. He is the one who will put that gift under the Christmas tree and tells you Santa came by and has something for you.

A Dad is worth more than a hundred schoolmasters. He puts photos in his wallet where his money used to be. He is the person who wishes her daughter will outgrow his lap, but never his heart. He will always prioritize you even when all you care about is the latest trend or how many likes your selfies will get.

When was the last time you hugged your Dad? Or the last time you eat out together? Or the last time he called and you didn’t picked up or returned his call? When did you last visit him and spend time without technology hi-jacking you from him? When was the last time you were a daughter or a son to your Dad?

We are too busy with the things going on with our lives that we unknowingly put him in the bench sitting and waiting for you to tap and let him play a part in your life again.

Make this day extra special by greeting your one and only superhero.

Don’t be shy or reluctant to tell your Dad how much you love him any time of the day.

Let him know. ALWAYS. 


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