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Hot Medium, anyone?

Broadsheet paper. Yikes.

There was a time in my life where I hated reading and writing. And newspaper was the reason why.

(EDIT: I wrote this on the fly and did not proofread or whatsoever. Typos and grammar lapses ahead. Please do not judge me. HAHA)

When I was young, my mom would make me read a broadsheet newspaper and have me write or recite the summary for her. I dread this part of my day. I will always tell her that she can read it herself if she’s really interested.

Imagine a seven-year-old kid reading the editorial and interpreting that for an adult. It did not make sense to me. I would roll my eyes so hard that it reaches the back of my brain.

I would think of creative ways to make these papers disappear. But my mom has a stockpile of old issues that she pulls out of nowhere.

She made me do this every single day until it grew on me.

From editorial to crossword puzzles, to comic strips. That’s how it all started.

Maybe that also explains my love for news at a young age. Reading and smelling every page as I turn and fold them. I grew up with adults telling me how advanced I am in terms of outlook in life and the quality of conversations that I have. My small talk opener would always be “read the news lately?”

It made me sound smarter than an average kid.

And I liked that. Kasi bata palang ako, bida-bida na talaga ako e. HAHAHA

Little did I know that mundane activity would have such a big impact on my life.

Reading and writing saved my life so many times. I read when I want to make myself better at something or if I simply just want to forget. It takes me to places that know no limits.

I write when I want to go back to something and remember. It makes me feel good when I can find the right word to describe how I feel.

I remember how annoyed I was with my mom for making me do things that I don’t like to do as a child and yet again, it proves that mothers do know best.

My college professor once asked us why the newspaper is called a hot medium. No one in our class was able to answer except me. Galing ko e. HAHAHA. It’s a hot medium because it engages one sense, requires comprehension, or maybe because people usually read it with a steamy hot coffee in their hand.

Today, broadsheet papers transport me to a different time. It gives me a warm, fuzzy, nostalgic feeling.

My mom has given so many things in life that I am grateful for, and helping me develop my love for reading and writing is the cherry on top.

Is this blog entry a mother’s day special? Yes. No. Maybe. But really, thanks Ma!

Now, Imagine my smile when I went to Jollibee and they handed me these.

Like I said, others take this with their hot coffee or morning smoke.

But in true Jae Beltran fashion, I take it with an ice-cold coke.

*smells the paper*


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