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Burn it six times

Having an online journal is a fun thing. It allows you to re-visit a moment in time. Sometimes, a little too much.

I have a habit of documenting things that meant something for me. No matter how trivial it may seem. I kept so many things that will remind me of things.

It’s funny how my old self via my old blog entries has managed to rock my boat and sink it. Young me – who did not know any better – sabotaged current me – who’s supposed to be years and years wiser. That’s me being narcissistic, trusting my own words even though I know my eighteen year old self was an idiot.

Re-visiting moments and re-living the past can be a dangerous thing. One need to tread lightly.

I’ve let it mess with my head for way too long. I should have known better than to hope for something good.

You had your fun going around my head. Messing with my peace, playing with my heart strings.

Goodbye friend, see you never.

Now… back to our regular programming.

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