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Life Lately

Life Lately

Post for the lost

It’s been awhile Tumblr.

The only time I would write here is when 1, my website is down and 2, i’m not in a good place in my life and I am both right now. (Edit: now my website is back-up!)

I’m single. It seems forever ago since I last uttered those words. After 7 years, I am single again.

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Life Lately

Glass Ball

I am one lately.

And like a glass ball, I shattered the moment I hit the ground.

Shards everywhere.

I feel brittle. I will break every time someone or something comes to close. I break at the slightest nudge. I tremble—shake like a leaf.

I need to go back into being a rubber ball. Bounce up, little one!

Until then… Try not to pick up or sweep the broken pieces.

It’s a misery waiting to happen.

Life Lately


It happened again.

I don’t usually remember my dreams, but when you’re in it; I do. We were at school, walking and laughing about something. It feels so right. And that made me think about our friendship, our connection, is as simple as it is—it feels right, but not real. Just like a dream.

Wake up, sleepyhead.

Life Lately

Lost in Trance

I’ve been in a writing hiatus since always. HAHA. Odd for someone who says that she loves to write, and has different blogging platforms, I don’t write as much.

I suddenly got the itch to read my old blog and that blog space was packed. I used to publish stuff everyday. Short musings. But every day.

You know what else I have not been doing lately? Reading. I can’t remember the last time I picked up a book and lost track of time. Maybe that’s the reason why I find myself groping for words these days. I had no brain food.

I have not listened to a new music and new artist either. The songs in my playlist stopped in 2013.


Man. I’m straying away from the things that I love to do.

I’m always not in the right headspace to write, too tired to read and has too much white noise to listen to new sounds.

What’s happening, 31?