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Feature Writing

Why timing is everything?

Timing is everything. But the clear explanation of why is that so is rarely forthcoming. All I know is that there’s always a right time for everything.

The right time to invest in the stock market (or not)

The right time to take a break while working on that presentation

The right time to ask for a salary raise

The right time to say the punch line to crack everyone up

The right time to hit the brake to avoid accidents

The right time to stumble on gold on the internet

I spent most of my teenage years learning Aikido because my mom thinks I should know how to defend myself when the situation calls for it. In my honest opinion, my teenage angst has got to be focused somewhere else, so off to Aikido I went and became a brown belt (Green, Purple, Yellow, Blue, Brown and Black—don’t ask me why I quit)

Aikido leverages on techniques that consist of entering and turning movements that redirect the momentum of an opponent’s attack to either joint lock or throw. The key recipe is TIMING. If you are one second too late, or one footwork too late, it won’t work. It is only as effective when you sway at the right time to redirect the momentum’s attack using only minimal effort. It’s like when someone is walking too fast and you stick out your foot and so they’ll fall.

I’ve been mulling over my career choice lately (okay, I do this daily for fun) and in times where you are consumed by the same thoughts and you are stuck in the same ideas and inspiration, you will need something new. The right time for an enlightenment came to me yesterday. The timing could not have been more perfect.

There is no right or wrong way to grow, but it is up to us to which road to take and decide at the right time.

The time is now.

Feature Writing

Hit or Miss? The truth about wedding favors and other occasion souvenirs

The wedding day is without a doubt one of the most important days of our lives. All that planning, worrying, and stressing over the little things  culminates all in that special day where the couple will promise to stand by each other in front of their friends, family and loved ones.

Whenever I attend weddings, I get hyped about the wedding invitation and favors, simply because it brings out the personality of the couple for me and it is a good way to immortalize your special day.

Over the years, the wedding favors are constantly evolving from DIY candles, loot bags, personalized mugs or glasses, and today’s hottest wedding favor – the photo booth. Although some couple decides to skip giving out wedding favors and wedding invitations had become digital (Facebook event or a website) as it is more thrifty and  just handing out those perfectly printed stationaries for the VIPs.

But can you blame the future Mr & Mrs if they wanted to save some greens and re-allocate the budget for something else? Like maybe adding another tier to their wedding cake, or another set of menu or dessert.

People tend to overlook the importance of the wedding favor/souvenirs, and just put them somewhere in their homes were all the other occasion souvenirs are hidden. This is always the case, especially if the wedding favors are kinda tacky. REAL TALK. What you want is a wedding favor that is beautiful enough that your guests will be happy to display it in their homes. What is relevant right now?

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Feature Writing

I bleed white and orange


Today is my 3rd year work anniversary. Who would have thought I would make it to today?

I’m not going to lie, my first year at the company wasn’t easy. I have to endure driving for almost 3 hours of traffic from Bulacan to Mckinley, I was constantly late, I’ve been suspended for being late! I could have just packed up and leave because spending 5 hours a day to travel back and forth is not sustainable—effort and expenses wise.

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Feature Writing

5 things that worked for us in the last couple of years

A friend asked me what is the secret of long term relationships, since Wilson and I have been together a long time and my previous relationship was seven years long.

It’s hard to explain how it works all I know is that relationship requires effort for it to work. I was asked to write about it instead, which I am kinda not down with because we are far from #relationshipgoals as others think, but I know we are in a good place. It was insisted on that I should write something or anything so here it goes…

Here are the 5 things that worked for us in the last couple of years:

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Feature Writing

Say you love him

As soon as I arrived home, I immediately went inside my parents room and jumped my Dad. He is in the middle of snoring before I climbed the bed and hugged him shouting “happy father’s day!!!” at the top of lungs using the bottle of Jack Daniels as my microphone. My Dad told me to shut the fuck up because it was 1:45 am and shouldn’t be waking him up.“But I brought alcohol” I said. His eyes popped and gave me the biggest smile. No, my Dad is not an alcoholic. He is just a very simple guy who wants very simple things in life – alcohol.

I’ve shared a lot of stories about my Dad through my facebook posts and my friends had already became followers of his antics. They are always excited whenever I come home to Bulacan for the weekend because more often than not I have new hilarious stories to share with them about him.

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Feature Writing

the lone wolf awakens

A few years ago, I told my mentor about me being a sheep in the corporate world. Tame and a follower of the flock and the shepherd. Wherever the flock goes, I go. Whatever the flock does, I do. If the shepherd asked me to jump, I will jump without doubts and questions. The sheep entrusts its whole life for the flock and the shepherd.

There are Lions (alpha—being king of the jungle), Tigers (predators, teritorial and hunter) and Weasels (cannot be trusted) in the corporate world. Sheep as prey species should be careful.

I wasn’t always a sheep. It is not even my default personality, but because I am fairly new (then) to the corporate world, I chose to be a sheep.

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